Small Groups

Tuesday Bible Study

Contact: Dan Patsos

This small group began long before the pandemic and continued (almost) without skipping a beat. There are usually around 8 participating, either in-person in the Fellowship Room or via Zoom from 2-3 pm. Our primary focus is on the lectionary scriptures for the coming Sunday. Reading and study questions are emailed to you ahead of time. Related group discussions are often expanded to more open discussions. All are welcome to join us!

Tuesday Sewing

Contact: Judy Wildenstein

We are an informal gathering of women who work on our own sewing/quilting projects or give time to the Days for Girls hygiene kits. We begin gathering at 10 am, break for lunch, and return to work until 2:00. All of this takes place in the Fellowship Room.

Please consider joining us if you knit or crochet for conversation and a friendly feeling of the old-fashioned quilting bee fellowship.

Outdoor Adventure & Hiking

Contact: Cathy Backus

We strive to enjoy the beauty of God’s creation right here in our area. In the past, we have hiked part of the Finger Lakes trail around the reservoir, the gorge at Watkins Glen, the reserve on Route 10 in Walton, and walked the old railroad tracks along Austin Lincoln Park. Dates and times vary. Working people and retired are welcome. Some hikes may be on a weekend and others may be during the week. Suggestions are always welcome!

Zoom Social Fellowship

Contact: Dan Patsos

Ever since the pandemic started, we have been meeting regularly on Friday evenings via Zoom at 7 pm. This small group has grown to about 17! During these colder months, we’ve been gathering every two weeks. On a mild Friday night, we gather around a campfire in someone's backyard. We bring our own refreshments and lawn-chairs and enjoy open discussions . . . about anything and everything!

Ping Pong

Contact: Dan Patsos

This is a FUN activity with plenty of room to grow. We just need people! We’ll play on the ping-pong table in the church basement. We’ll figure convenient times + days for all and set-up a schedule. Ted and I have played many times in the past few years. Come join the fun!


Contact: Barb Budine

The board game small group would consist of meeting in the church Fellowship Room with several tables set up. A variety of board games would be available for people to select and play for an hour or two. Then, all could rotate to another table and a different game. All are welcome to bring a favorite game - cards and dominoes included. We would meet once a month, on a Friday or Saturday evening for 2-3 hours.


Contact: Barb Budine

If a good movie is showing nearby, then let’s go! We can meet at the theater or perhaps carpool. Afterwards, we’ll find a venue for snacks and discussion.

Music Performance

Contact: Jody Jamieson

Do you need someone to listen to your music performance before you are ready for a large audience? The group will give you only the positive feedback for what you are willing to perform. This monthly gathering will be a safe place to test out what you have been practicing in private. You do not need to be the vocalist or instrumentalist . . . you can simply come to enjoy listening to what others are performing!

Book Club

Contact: Judy Wildenstein

As a reader, I'm always looking for a "Good Book". Let's meet via Zoom and decide what to read, when to meet, and how often. Suggestions welcome and open for discussion. Not wanting to do Zoom shouldn't stop you from joining as we can decide what works best for you.


Contact: Robbie Jean Rice

The Cooking Group will be led by Robbie-Jean Rice and Clare Huh. Our vision is to use the excellent resources of our community and church to expand our cooking abilities and knowledge. First, we’ll meet to decide how often to meet and what we want to take away from this group. We will be meeting in the church kitchen. Meeting throughout the summer will help us learn how to use the fresh vegetables and fruit that is so abundant at this time. Whole meals, specialty foods, ethnic cooking . . . the sky is the limit! Come share your favorite recipes!

Jeremiah Pottery

Contact: Nichole Rutherford

No experience needed. You will find a potter’s wheel, electric and gas kilns, and plenty of table room for sculpture, hand building, glazing, and decorating. Create your first ceramic vessel for your own use or make them as your special gift for others. While your final project might not be technically perfect, it’s bound to express something about yourself. Remember, expression is what art is all about!

George Norton Study

Contact: Charlie Mays

The George Norton Study Group began in May 2018 and continues today! We’ve grown in our faith, our understanding, our caring for one another, as we continue to enjoy our times together. We select Christian books with DVD presentations based on subjects important to us and life itself. We read ahead, watch the DVD, then divide up into 3 small groups of 4-8 to discuss what we read and saw. We’d love for you to join us on Thursdays from 10-12 pm in the Fellowship Room. Just Come and See; it’s easy, fun, and safe!


Contact: Barb Budine

Once a month, we should pick out a restaurant and go as a group. An alternative would be to do as we did before and congregate at someone's house with a potluck type of dinner. Further refinement forthcoming.

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